Why You Need Tough Love As A Christian

As A Christian, Sometime You Need A Friend Who Will Tell You What You Don’t Want To Hear Because...

Are you being the best friend you can be?

Are you pushing yourself and your friends to be the best Christians you can be?

In Proverbs 27:17, it states that iron sharpens iron as one person sharpens another.

For those who don’t know iron is not easily shaped.

It takes one piece of iron to be heated and then another piece to shape the heated piece.

It requires brute force and many fo around to get the desired piece of iron.

But without violently striking the heated piece of iron, it would become a beautiful finished piece.

Although you shouldn’t strike your friends, in some cases, in order for someone to become the person they want to be, they need…


As Christians, God will give you many trials and tests of your faith.

He’s giving you TOUGH LOVE too.

It’s not that he wants to see you suffer or struggle, but it’s because he knows that in order for you to become your best self…

You need to take the beating that life gives in order to be molded into something beautiful.

This is why having strong, Christian friends is VITAL to your walk with God.

Your fellow Christians will be able to hold you accountable, tell you the harsh truth and call you out when you’re living sinfully.

It may be a hit to your ego and you may not want to hear it.

But their TOUGH LOVE is the equivalent of the hammer smashing the heated iron.

Only in hope to help you become crafted into a beautiful, God fearing Christian they can spend eternity with.

Don’t be scared of tough love…

Sometimes it’s exactly what you need.

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