Christ Humbled Himself So You Can Live Forever

Christ died a humbling death not because he wanted too... but because he would rather see you in heaven!

JESUS DIED so you can Life an eternal life in heaven.

Do you understand the magnitude of what Jesus did?

Jesus didn’t have to die, let alone die on a cross.

A death of public humiliation, where he was killed next to two thieves.

Jesus didn’t have to endure the pain and humiliation he did.

He could’ve saved himself from the cross, right then and there but he didn’t.

People would’ve believed he was God if he saved himself from crucifixion.

However, he humbled himself to the point of death.

Now if you had a chance to save yourself from such a gruesome and embarrassing death, would you have stopped everything?

99.9% chance you would…

But that’s fine because that shows how humble our Lord Jesus Christ is.

This Easter, when your celebrating, remember that…

Jesus didn’t have to die upon the cross.

But seeing you walk through heaven’s gates was MORE important to him that his pride.

Can you truly call your friends, a friend, if they didn’t give you TOUGH LOVE?

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