You Don’t Need To Worry With God On Your Side

With God On Your Side, Do You Think He Can’t Protect You From Anyone?

We’re you bullied as a child?

Were you teased based upon your looks or even your faith in God?

Does this still happen to you?

Well guess what…

Their opinions do not matter because God’s is the only opinion that matters.

As with God, no person or group of people can have power over you.


Because he will guide, guard and love you because you answered all his commands and will continue to do so.

As a Christian and believer in Christ Jesus, you have God in your side to handle any situation…

Including those who may be against you.

As you read his word and pray to him for guidance,

Run to him for protection,

And confide in him in times of sadness,

He will never leave your side.

He will boost you up to take on any obstacle or person you may encounter.

Understand, that being a devote Christian means you will never be left alone to defend for yourself…

As God will make sure to lift you up and take on whatever obstacles or opinions of others you may face!

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