Forgiven Sin Will Never Come Back To Plague You

Once Your Sin Is Forgiven, It Will Never Come Back To Haunt You Because...

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Each and everyday, the sun circles around the world,

To raise up as far to the east as you can see and sets as far west as you can see.

Each day it goes away, it comes back the next…

But unlike sin, which has been forgiven, you will no longer see it rise from “the east” again.

For once you seek forgiveness from Jesus, your sin sets in the west…

Never to be seen again!

That’s God’s promise to you as a born again Christian.

God doesn’t hold previous sin against you, what’s been forgiven is dead.

For most people, they believe that their sin will be held against them.

Whether they committed a sin 10 years ago or 23 hours ago, it haunts them.

However, once you seek forgiveness of that sin, God sees it as dead.

Unlike the sun…

Once it sets, in the west…

It will never rise again for you are born again NEW!

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