No One Can Take Away God’s Love For You

There’s one thing that no one can take away from you, and that’s God’s love!

When you feel like no one loves you, there is someone who always will…


God has and will always love you…

But why?

Well let’s look at all that he’s done for you.

First, he’s given you life.

You were created by God, God created you specially.

Do you understand how marvelous of a statement that is?

Do you understand that you were hand crafted IN HIS IMAGE and then placed on this worth to follow his word and worship him?

You’re not special because you can play the piano, are beautiful or make a lot of money…

You’re special because God handcrafted you and gave you life!

Secondly, he gave you his son.

You do realize that Jesus was a gift from God.

God sent his son to be murdered and die a painful and humbling death to pay the price for your sins.

He didn’t have to do that!

You could be still doing what Old Testament people did to show their obedience and submission to God.

But instead, he gave you Jesus

So you could have a an opportunity to live forever with him!

No matter what someone does or says to you, there’s one thing they can never take away from you…

God’s LOVE for you!

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