God Doesn’t Want To Destroy You, He Wants To Save You

God wants nothing but the best for you. That’s why he gives you mercy!

There’s times in life where you feel like God has abandoned you.

It’s happens to everyone.

Your life choices and decisions seem to never be pleasing to God.

The saying, “when it rains, it pours” is fitting for this feeling.

But there’s one thing you MUST remember about God…

He wants to SAVE YOU, not destroy you.

He did give you his only son to die for your sins as a ticket for your life after you leave this earth.

That right there should show you that you serve a merciful God.

When you feel like he has abandoned you and nothing you do seems like it’s working…

Remember God forgives you and loves you.

You were made in his image and knows each and every step you take and word that will come out of your mouth.

He understands that you will make mistakes and fall from his grace.

But you serve a merciful God who never stays angry and forgives even the “worst” sinners.

He forgives murderers, adulterous people and many more kinds of sins.

You’re crazy if you think he won’t forgive you!

Next time you question God, His will or if he’s abandoned you…

Remember your God is merciful and will forgive you for ANY sin you’ve committed, as long as you seek his forgiveness.

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