God Can Tell Who’s Fake Or Not

Even Though You May Not Know Who Is Fake, God Already Knows

You think with your brain but you act on what’s in your heart and God only cares about what is in your heart.

Most people tend to not only act on what’s in their heart, but they also mask their true intentions.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of FAKE people.

People will pretend to care on the outside, but on the inside they have evil intentions.

A prime example:

“The Fake Friend”

I’m sure you’ve experienced a “fake friend” at some point in your life.

The kind of friend that only becomes your friend to use you for their own selfish intentions.

Fake friends have plenty of reasons why they are “fake”.

Sometimes it’s to use you for your money.

Sometimes it’s to use you for your social status.

Sometimes it’s to use you to steal your boyfriend.

The list can go on and on.

But despite your blindness to your “friend’s” true intentions as you can only see what they appear to be on the outside…

God has your back.

God can care less about what or who someone pretends to be because he only cares about their heart.

He can see right through their outward actions and words and see EXACTLY why their outward appearance is the way it is.

If you’ve ever dealt with a fake friend, eventually their outward appearance will deteriorate and their true intentions, aka their heart, will soon be exposed.

But do not worry or become upset.

The only thing you can do is pray for that “friend”.

You shouldn’t hold grudges or seek revenge as God already knows what is going on.

Whether you are dealing with a fake friend or you find yourself to be the fake friend, remember that you or that person may fool everyone based upon their outward actions and words,


God already knows why they speak or act and will deal with them accordingly.

He can see past the lies of outward appearances and look directly into the heart and find why it is that a “fake friend” is being fake.

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